How to eliminate smoke odor after a house fire

eliminate smoke odor after a house fire

A house fire can be a devastating and traumatic event. Beyond the physical and emotional damage, one persisting challenge is the pervasive smell of smoke that permeates everything. This smell is not just unpleasant, but it can be a constant reminder of the incident. Fortunately, at Clair Restoration, we are experts in post-fire restoration, and we want to share with you some essential tips on how to rid of this lingering smell.


Immediately after a fire, and once safety is ensured, it is vital to ventilate the house. Open all windows and doors that are safe to open, allowing fresh air to circulate and begin to disperse the smell of smoke. Furthermore, you may use fans to help move air through the rooms.

Deep Cleaning

Soot particles, which are products of incomplete combustion during a fire, can adhere to almost every surface in your home and are the primary cause of smoke smell. Therefore, deep cleaning is essential. This involves cleaning all affected areas and items, including walls, ceilings, furniture, and carpets. It’s best to use cleaning products that are specifically designed for post-fire cleaning as they are effective at removing soot particles and smoke smell.

Washing Textiles

Any fabric item in your home, such as clothing, curtains, and upholstery, will absorb the smoke smell. These need to be washed, preferably with a detergent designed to remove strong odors. If the smell persists after the first wash, it might be necessary to wash them multiple times. Some items might require professional cleaning.

Air Purifiers and Deodorants

Air purifiers can be a valuable investment after a fire. These devices can help remove remaining smoke particles from the air in your home, contributing to removing the smell. On the other hand, deodorants can help to neutralize the smoke smell. However, it’s important to remember that these products do not remove soot particles, which are the underlying cause of the smell.

Restoration Professionals

Sometimes, the smoke smell can be too intense and persistent to handle alone. In these instances, it’s advisable to hire fire restoration professionals. At Clair Restoration, we have specialized equipment and techniques that can completely remove smoke and soot smell.

Eliminating the smell of smoke after a fire can be a challenging and prolonged process. Nonetheless, with the right tips, plenty of patience, and professional help when necessary, you can restore your home’s freshness.

If you’re grappling with the aftermath of a house fire and lingering odors, don’t hesitate to contact Clair Restoration. We have the experience, skills, and resources to help you deal with this tough situation and assist you in getting back to normal. Visit clairestoration and find out how we can help you recover from the devastating effects of a house fire.

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